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EP70 – Death and Dying

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Death Dying Careers – What You Can Learn from End of Life

Death Dying Careers – Here is some of what I have learned from my end of life care work.  Show recap:

  • I think it might have started with my friend Barb Phillips sending me an email about her upcoming hands on workshop – do it yourself Home Funeral.
  • Briefly, I took a sabbatical from business life.
  • Buddhists are often talking about death and I was very interested in the subject, so I decided that I would do some work with the dying.
  • I took a program in Toronto from the Institute of Traditional Medicine called the Contemplative End of Life Care Course.
  • I think I dealt with about 15-20 people and only one had any sort of faith.
  • The thing that impressed me the most were the caregivers.



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