EP70 – Death and Dying

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Death Dying Careers – What You Can Learn from End of Life

Death Dying Careers – Here is some of what I have learned from my end of life care work.  Show recap:

  • I think it might have started with my friend Barb Phillips sending me an email about her upcoming hands on workshop – do it yourself Home Funeral.
  • http://www.barbphillips.ca/
  • Briefly, I took a sabbatical from business life.
  • Buddhists are often talking about death and I was very interested in the subject, so I decided that I would do some work with the dying.
  • I took a program in Toronto from the Institute of Traditional Medicine called the Contemplative End of Life Care Course.
  • I think I dealt with about 15-20 people and only one had any sort of faith.
  • The thing that impressed me the most were the caregivers.



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Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin, aka The Podcaster’s Coach, became a Professional Certified Life Coach in 2014. He is currently hosting and producing his fourth podcast series titled “The Podcaster’s Life”. He focuses his podcast, and coaching practice, on the lives of fellow Podcasters. He is the first Professional Certified Life Coach, with a membership to the International Coaches Federation, to work exclusively with Podcasters. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for happiness and living a life full of purpose.

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