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Dave Jackson & The School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since April of 2005. He is the founder of the School of Podcasting and his School of Podcasting show has over 1.7 Million downloads. He’s helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. He is the author of the book More Podcast Money. He is a tech support person for, and has been a featured and keynote presenter at many podcasting events. You can hear his podcast on this site at

I think getting over the hurdle of nobody’s going to listen to me or I’m going to sound stupid or the one is just oh, technology and I just don’t get along with technology. I always tell them, you know, if you’ve uploaded a picture on Facebook then you can upload a mp3 file. If you’ve ever been in the car and your radio was on and the phone rang and you turn the volume down on the radio, then you know how to mix music. You really do have the skills, it’s just a matter of sometimes getting out of our own way. We’re so into social on twitter and Facebook (and you should be doing that) but we get hung up on the technology of things and we’re really focused on the microphones and things like that. I think my favorite quote on this is from Steve Martin. He did a masterclass and he said so many people are trying to get a manager or they’re trying to get, you know, more bookings and things like that- he goes that nobody is saying, ‘how do we get good’?

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I think sometimes what would really benefit people is even if you can get your target audience to give you honest, constructive feedback, I think that would just really benefit everyone’s show because we all just kind of put it out there and hope that it resonates. One of my favorite things is, I’m going to be traveling next week, when I have somebody come up to me say, ‘hey i listen to your show.’ The first thing I say is, ‘what do you like about it? I say, ‘pretend I’m not here and talk about it. Tell me what what you wish I would do differently’? That’s really it. It is always about honing your craft and I think we all care about our content, but I think sometimes we could just go a little extra mile to get some honest feedback from people and quit worrying so much about the tech and the new and noteworthy and the reviews all that stuff because if your content is good, you want yo inspire your audience to share it. That’s going to happen when you create WOW content.

Facebook groups are great. They’re a great way to not only get people to talk to you but get your audience to talk to each other. That’s where you can get some great ideas for future episodes. But any kind of email, voice mail , Twitter, and Facebook of course. That’s the tricky part – we all try to be everywhere. Then you have to check those those venues to make sure somebody didn’t ask you a question and you’re like, oh, I never checked my LinkedIn, so that’s the the tough part when you try to be everywhere. You kind of have to be everywhere and so that’s the one of those things that I’m probably not great at. I know every now and then, I’ll check something – somebody left me this three weeks ago …so that’s the tough part, but and i think everyone, and it might sound silly – just ask people you know or make sure it’s easy to share your show. Sometimes I go to people’s websites, I can’t even find the podcast. When I find it there’s no share buttons. There’s no way to subscribe. Believe it or not, there are other things besides Apple Podcasts. For every iphone there six Android phones, so don’t forget about those people. I think really to grow your audience, make a tutorial on your website on how to subscribe because so many people go subscribe to me an itunes well, ok, great, but what if it’s somebody who’s brand new to podcasting they don’t even know what an itunes is or what Apple Podcast is. Forty percent of people have not listen to a podcast yet. So we have to take them by the hand and and help him subscribe.



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