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Daniel J Lewis

Daniel J Lewis is the awards winning host to The Audacity to Podcast™.   A Podcasting Influencer, he helps Podcaster’s launch their shows and teaches about everything you need to know about podcasting. He joins Alexander Laurin to talk about his life and the birth of International Podcast Day.

In this interview you will hear:

  • Something that you didn’t know about Daniel
  • Publishing 9 shows in 2 years
  • The place for editing and being authentic
  • A fan girl moment
  • Leaking world views and negative reviews
  • Being criticized for someone who you no longer are
  • Learning how to communicate, running a business, and making yourself better
  • How International Podcast Day started.

Listen to “Daniel J Lewis & The Audacity To Podcast | International Podcast Day Co-Founder & Award Winning Podcaster” on Spreaker.

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