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Create Your First Podcast

Create Your First Podcast

Podcasting is a new important part of your content marketing strategy. Creating and publishing your podcast not only gets that creative force within you active, but it’s also the way the world learns about you and your products or services. As a matter of fact, if you are starting a new business or if you really want to re-invent yourself to be something different, then this is the easiest and most fun way to go about it.

I am living proof. I started a brand new coaching business as the Podcaster’s Coach. On day 1, assuming the identity and title of Podcaster’s Coach, I did a podcast. It was through the podcast, that my visibility and authority built to the outside world, and also within myself. I went from unhappy in my business, to The Podcaster’s Coach, to delivering online presentations to a world wide audience, to writing a book, and even giving away a free podcasting course. I did all of this in just over 6 months. Podcast, Presentation, Book – Authority & Credibility.

An important element to all of this is loving what you do. You will develop a love for podcasting, which is what I did, and in the process it’s been my primary topic. If you are doing this out of hobby, then your podcast will be successful. If you are in business, and you don’t like what you do, then it’s still possible for the podcast to be successful, but it may come at a personal price.

You and I could be different in this regard, but when it comes to podcasting on something that I had no passion for, I couldn’t do it. It lasted 10 episodes before I had to change the theme of my podcast. Podcasting will be very powerful for you if you focus on what you love. You must pursue the things that you love. Perhaps the podcast will re-rejuvenate the love for your work? The podcast spoke to me and told me that I need to re-focus.

You get what you focus on. You can change your life anytime you want…anytime where you make that firm decision to do it. If you’ve had a nagging voice in your head that has been telling you that what you are doing has been wrong in life or your business, stop ignoring it.

I started as a Career Transition Coach in 2014. People are often stuck in their work because of money. This is the most important time to really begin to focus on everything that you love and to take very good care of yourself. You can do that! I’m telling you that you can do that. I did. You are probably younger, smarter, and better looking than me. You probably have more talent that I do. I wasted so much of my life being miserable, but I finally changed my focus and started living a much more positive life…..and podcasting was one of the biggest tools that I used to change.

Having a podcast is going to give your business a jolt of energy and meaning. Do you ever go on social media, know that you need to put something out there to try to get on the minds of others, but don’t know what to say? Are you one of those people who re-tweeets other peoples websites? Are you bored with all of that? When you create content for your podcast, you are going to start creating worthy content to share. You are going to create posts for your website, which will help your google rankings. You will share all of your content on social media, yes your content, and you can share value. Let’s say you script your podcast, or you ad lib, but get it transcribed, you can pick and choose your quotes to share and start conversations on. When you interview others, which I most highly recommend, not only do you get to share your wisdom with the world, but also your guest’s wisdom. You can learn from others, gain more knowledge in your field, and take your authority to greater heights. It’s absolutely amazing. I love podcasting.

Sound good? Since your here, I welcome you to take my free program to help get you started.