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Carole Sanek & The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show


The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show

Carole Sanek has worn many hats spanning the years. She started as an RN and stayed in different fields of medicine for many years but her passion is creating and writing. When blogging first caught on, Carole was working as a Realtor in Florida and became an avid blogger.

As time went by she learned to use every major social media platform, and became known as a local thought leader which prompted her to open her business Butterfly Boom Productions in 2011.

3 blogging awards later, Carole moved from focusing 100% on helping people with social media PR and moved into actually writing for people. She is a ghost writer, and social media content creator, and her business is dedicated to helping people get found.

As luck would have it Carole discovered podcasting at a social media conference and created and hosts a podcast named “The Crazy Marketing Ladies Show”, and she has a new show starting this January called “Stories from Many Hearts” which will be female guests with pivotal points in their lives that actually turned their lives around and are in a better place at this time.

People know that I’m funny, if they know me, they know I’m funny. They know I’m sarcastic. They know I’m crazy. They know I love to have a good time so nothing there, I mean I am not an introvert. I’m very much an extrovert so I know there’s a lot of Podcasters who are introverted – that’s not me. I just found that it’s not that hard to podcast, “People you can do it and if you have a business, you should be podcasting!”

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ALEXANDER LAURIN: So the crazy marketing lady the show and stories from many hearts stories for many hearts is coming out in the new year. Can you tell us a little bit of both the program? 

CAROL SANEK: Certainly what happened was I was sitting in the kitchen one day I mean don't we always have ideas and going on in the craziest times you know it was like Christmas. It was, it's Christmas last year and I spoke to my husband as we were thinking about Christmas and doing things for Christmas and I said I'm starting a new Facebook page I'm starting a new website and I'm starting out working women world community for women and I want to trademark. Forty-five weeks later takes a little while here in the U.S. twenty-five or six later high got my trademark back to just arrived about ten days ago I got a service Mark actually because I'm providing a service. So, working women world is just that it's for women all over the world it's international and what I want to accomplish with it is to give women a place to come and hear a webinars or network with people even though they really aren't in the same time zone or even the same city of the same country whatever it opens the doors to inspire them and give them kindness and advice and hope things like that in their careers, in their lives. I mean even motherhood is a career so you don't have to be an actual working woman, mothers, we know work very hard. So I added the podcast idea to it when I had a category on crazy marketing lady show called Power Women speak and I thought you know what I can convert some of those shows and I thought nah, they are old what I going to start brand new. So I thought about it and thought about it and I have a very good friend is a Catholic priest he's retired from the priesthood and he and I talked about titles for the podcast. I said I want to tell stories it's got to be a storytelling podcast. He said, it's got to come from the heart and he said, then you have it, you have stories from many hearts because I meet a lot of people. So, my first guest was actually in a horrible, horrible car accident back several years ago in Santa Monica. She was one of the people who survived the Santa Monica farmer's market crash. Quite a few people were hurt and quite a few people died, I would be talking about that and where she is now in her life and she's in a super good place, so that's my first guest. My second guest is going to be talking about how having triplets changed her life from being in corporate America. It's hard to give up a job in corporate America when you have a child, but to work in corporate America when you have a child, imagine having three at the same time. She's going to be talking about, sadly a topic that we need to address as parents and that would be, how to talk to your children about mass shootings so that's one of the…


CAROL SANEK: It's heavy duty but she's in a better place. She has a clothing line, she makes clothing for children and she's completely changed. She went from corporate to entrepreneur but she feels that it's necessary to offer this advice to parents and I agreed with her and I said ok. We will put you on, it's a little bit different than what I would have, what I've done possibly Alexander but I think it's vitally important to talk about it. Because, parents don't know how to talk to their children, you can't hide this stuff from kids.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Carol, you mention that you had some interviews on the crazy marketing lady show that you could repurpose but you're not, because they're a little dated. When you had these interviews on the podcast and did it inspire you and make you think I need more this?

CAROL SANEK: Well, tough question to answer because when I was doing the power women speak, I was interviewing women who are in powerful positions in their life. They didn't necessarily have that story, we didn't talk about the story. Are you there?

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I'm here. Are you OK?

CAROL SANEK: I'm fine, I had a cough.


CAROL SANEK: But anyway that's what it was all about. It was about inspiring women in doing a business. Oh well, I suppose Joy Gordon it's a good example she went from being a lawyer so she was already successful as an attorney and she was donating clothes, she lives in New York City and she was donating clothes all the time to dress for success. She now runs Dress for Success, she's the C.E.O. of a non-profit, that is worldwide. So, I was talking to women like that and it was a good story but I want that pivotal point. I want that car accident that took you to being a successful person in Hollywood which my first guest is. I want those pivotal points.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Yeah, I hear you, the emotional stories that inspire us, that motivate us. We should be fed this every day actually. The crazy marketing lady show, is that tailored toward female entrepreneurs and offering a marketable obviously. But offering like marketing tips. Is it as simple as I think it is?

CAROL SANEK: No, it's crazy Why do you think we put the name crazy in there. We started with five women and it got really difficult to manage five women and all their shows and then they got other jobs or something happen and they just couldn't do it anymore. Then I tried another friend of mine joined and then another friend and it just wasn't working out and I talked to, I went to Charley Easy about it because you know him and his podcast movement group and conference and everything, he's in touch with a lot of people. I said, what do you think? Should I change the name? what do I do? Because, I'm going to be the only person and he said, leave the name just leave the name as it is. Because It's a crazy marketing lady show, you might still have some women come on from time to time but it started as five women. Then I added Johnny Quinn and we used to do the less than five and actually that got, because he and I like to talk… he's a podcast here in Mobile Alabama. He and I would go fifteen minutes and we had some fun shows but it's very difficult to coordinate having a co-host somewhere else like in the country. Having the show turned out ok, so I just left the name because I am crazy, there's no doubt about it and I talk all over the map. We don't just talk marketing anymore, we talk about marketing your business. we talk about marketing your life, we talk about marketing you. It's not a business show per se, it's more of a life show and I'm not going to drop it because I put too much work into it. I'm three years into it and yesterday was episode number two hundred sixty-four. So you see I'm not going to, I'm not going to lose the momentum and the audience I have but I always invite them or I get them prepped for the new shows that are coming in the winter time.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Well, congratulations on two sixty-four. That is pretty awesome.

CAROL SANEK: Yeah, it was a lot of shows.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Three blogging awards, so you have three blogging awards and let me ask you what is more powerful blogging or podcasting?

CAROL SANEK: Maybe podcasting is, I think blogging is so unfortunately especially with the millennials, it's losing its grip. I have my millennial friends say that they don't read email newsletters anymore and they don't read blogs and I think it's very true. I still blog I always blog, I write three different blogs right now but it's not something that I do with regularity like I used to do. My awards came in the field of health care and I was very proud of them because I have a blog called, I survived damn near everything and there's one category in there about surviving breast cancer because, I'm a breast cancer survivor. Although now I call myself a breast cancer thriver because I've thrived so much since, having been diagnosed twenty four years ago.


CAROL SANEK: So yeah and I won for my writing style which has a tendency to be funny and sarcastic. I mean people think you write funny things about cancer and I go what there's always something funny. There's always something funny, somebody always has a story they can tell me that I can add to it, we laughed. I laughed c’mon, it wasn't like I sat around crying and having the sad look on my face all through my treatment, I didn't. You still have life, one life to live so I do write with sarcasm, there's no doubt about it.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I was on your website, and you have this.. you have ten questions to ask yourself about social media and I just got to ask you this question on point number ten, if you don't mind. I've sort of put you on the point. It says, did you know that more than eighty percent of the population is made up of potential influencers? Can you explain that one to me?

CAROL SANEK: I do believe, yeah, you know what I'm a start over on that question because I just went to word camp Orlando. Do you know what a word camp is? Word Camp is WordPress, WordPress puts on word camps, you have to meet certain criteria’s. They have a host and they host them all at like the same time, so there were like seven word camps. I went to the one in Orlando there was one in Sophia, in Europe. There was one, the same week, there was one in Cincinnati and who knows where else. The final word camp of the year is word camp us in Nashville Tennessee, it will be attended by two thousand people. That's where you're going to find some influencers. I go to conferences that don't pertain to my niche to meet people. There are influencers out there, everywhere and that's what I mean by that. So you can't be sitting there in a box and just going through all those little business cards you collected from your last meet up. You have to get out there and look for these influences and you need to attend things, where these influencers are because you never know. I got a writing gig by going to work camp, I'm not technically a genius, not at all I'm a writer I'm the creator in my business. I have other people who do my background technology things, so for me to sit there and listen to developers and programmers is just way over my head but you never know when they're going to recommend you to do something for somebody else and that's why I go. Sometimes, I'm bored out of my head but let me tell you, two thousand people in Nashville Tennessee next year, they'll do it again in Nashville next year to me that is the hottest conference to be at and let me tell you something, there's a big plug for them it's forty dollars for two days. Every word camp conference is two days and it's forty dollars. Miami in March, it is eight hundred people. Why wouldn't you spend forty dollars to go and meet eight hundred people, you know what I mean.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I mean even thinking like say if you're a podcast consultant and like why not go to one of these conferences it's got nothing to do with podcasting, meet all sorts of people and let them know what you do.

CAROL SANEK: Exactly, friend of mine and a big podcaster as matter fact he won a great big award this year in podcasting. He did word camp in New York City and spoke there, he spoke there about podcasting so I'm thinking about applying to speak not in Nashville, not ready for that even though I’ve done public speaking and I do public speaking. I want to feel the water, to test the waters so I might apply to speak in Orlando next year.


CAROL SANEK: I think people need to know more about podcasting.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Okay, so you are a social media expert?

CAROL SANEK: No, heck no.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Okay, you're close to, well you know your social media, no.

CAROL SANEK: I know it, obviously after all these years I started blogging and then it just grew from there but expert, No. I hate that word guru, Oh my God throw that word out right now that I just ...


CAROL SANEK: I'm creative, I talked out of social, I'm creative in social media because I write and I create things that people actually stop and look at. I do a lot of photo ads for people, beautiful ones and I watermark them for them and then they own them so if anybody shares them their business name is on the photo. I do those kind of things for people so I do a little graphics work too so that's the kind of stuff I really like to do but I really have a lot of fun with words.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Do you think that podcasters are dropping the ball maybe, because they're not so creative on social media?

CAROL SANEK: Absolutely, and I think if, they the ones that complain about doing show notes sorry absolutely crazy, there's that word crazy, because show notes are so important and they don't want to type up show notes. I type up show notes and I listen to my show back shows only fifteen minutes like yours. It’s a short one so I sit there and I put it in, I type them up as I listen to it and it's done. I'm looking for the editing points, if I am going to edit the cough and the long pauses come out but that's it and in fifteen minutes. I will tell you, start to finish on a show for me is one hour. Now if you have a forty-five-minute show, your show notes are going to be longer and you might want to have somebody else transcribe them for you but maybe I should start a business doing that, offering to type them up for people. But yeah, it's important, social media is very important, matter a fact I spoke at podcast movement seventy sixteen in Chicago about just that. My talk was about social media hacks as I call them. things you can do on social media that are free, so you don't have to pay money because we all know that podcasters, for the most part, don't make a lot of money we'd like to but doesn't start out that way.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Are you able to share some social media hacks with the listener?

CAROL SANEK: You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Okay, well you are crazy, aren’t you?

CAROL SANEK: I know, here's my favourite one. My favourite one on LinkedIn is take your name on LinkedIn, go in there to edit your name, put a hyphen and put after that what you do. So, far LinkedIn hasn't caught on to the people that I've done that for. I thought it was really cool I mean. It's right there when somebody looks up, my name comes up. I don't even know about to be honest with you, I really don't think it comes up creative something or other. My name is hyphenated so it's Carole Sanek, hyphen what I do. I can do Carol Stanek hyphen podcastor. It's a way of free advertising. Link everything you do on Facebook on Twitter account. Please, tell me if you're on podcasting you should have, I find so many really great podcast on Twitter, be on Twitter.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Twitter can be fun, there's a lot of gossip and complaining on Twitter but besides that it could be pretty fun. I found a little linkedIn social media social media hack I guess you can call it the profile, your banner. What I did and I got this from Caesar's Zamuto, he has a podcast, I interviewed him and what he did was, he just changed it and he put his website address on it so if you come and visit my LinkedIn profile, you're going to see It's right there, you can miss it, so automatically it's like there's an advertising weeks for that website.

CAROL SANEK: You know what else people don't know? Now that, well Twitter has expanded to eighty characters but if you want to say even more than that put it on a photo and put the photo up and now you could have put two hundred eighty plus characters on Twitter for years now but people didn't realize that they could just put their message on a photo and post the photo.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Carol where did you, you have been going about three years with the podcast Where did you learn about part casting to teach yourself or did you have any mentorship?

CAROL SANEK: I taught myself from Pat Flynn from his podcast and he has a lot of free information out there. We met Pat, probably five six years ago at an IMAX in Las Vegas and who was podcasting you back then so we met Pat we got interested in it then I think the following year I met Cliff Fragrance Craft and got, even more, interest in it and then we decided if we don't start it, it'll never start. We watched Pat's video and we did everything he told us to do and guess what we did it for free, sorry Pat.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: And since you've been podcasting have you changed at all?

CAROL SANEK: Have I changed at all? Me? I don't think so, I really don't think. People know that I'm funny, if they know me, they know I'm funny. They know I'm sarcastic, they know I'm crazy. They know I love to have a good time so nothing there, I mean I am not an introvert, I'm very much an extrovert so I know there's a lot of podcasters who are introverted that's not me. I just found that it's not that hard to podcast, people you can do it and if you have a business, you should be podcasting.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: Have or has your podcasts helped your business?

CAROL SANEK: I have got clients from it, it's funny somebody asked me one day at a conference if my podcast is monetized and I said I've gotten business from it, so I have to answer yes it is, it's not monetized by a sponsor. It's monetized in the fact that I've got business from it. People worry about sponsors, hello, all you have to have is a lot of downloads. I mean, we're very, I just want to get the word out there and have fun with people so yeah.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: So, yours is a combination of fun and business.

CAROL SANEK: Well, yeah and if I laugh, I leave it in. If I giggle, if I trip over a word, I leave it in. What the heck? I try not to swear because then I'd have to marketer. No, I don't swear on my podcasts, I have to think first because I can have a potty mouth at times but no I'm careful.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: What do you struggle with Carol?

CAROL SANEK: In life or in podcasting?

ALEXANDER LAURIN: In podcasting.

CAROL SANEK: What I struggle with. Umm, see umm. There is my umm.

ALEXANDER LAURIN: I couldn’t not even tell.

CAROL SANEK: I know, I don't say a lot of umm, I don't but I'm very careful not to. What do I struggle with in podcasting? not much, it comes very natural, now that I'm doing it on a kind of a regular basis. I don't do it as regularly as I used to but I'm got really excited the other day, that I saw I had sixty people listened to a show, that I would have never thought sixty people would listen to. I got excited about that, to me that's a great number. I've had numbers of much lower than that but I've also had numbers in the hundreds but I'm not up there at a thousand downloads with each episode and that's okay. That was never my goal, my goal is to be informational and put some crazy thoughts out there and to encourage people to step out of that box into something you never thought you would do.