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EP12 – Coaching In a Business

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Coaching in Business

If people are stuck at work and in business, Coaching is a great way to get unstuck.  There are some companies that hire full time Coaches for their staff.  The result – increase employee retention and engagement, boost productivity, overcome performance issues, strengthen  skill sets, gain confidence, and assume more responsibility in the workplace.

  • Doesn’t that make sense – every employee can get clear on their goals, help people improve themselves, have an added layer of accountability, and even enhance leadership.
  • It’s especially powerful for those who have been promoted.
  • “Employees find opportunities to strengthen their skillsets, gain confidence, and assume more responsibility in the workplace.”
  • It’s all about investing in your people and your companies culture.
    Consider this if you are a business owner.
  • If you are stuck individual, find yourself a coach and invest in yourself.



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Alexander Laurin is a Podcast Life Coach, and the Author of "The Book on Podcasting Success”. He is the world’s first authentic Podcaster’s Coach, a Career Coach, and a Certified Professional Life Coach with a membership to the International Coaches Federation. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for career growth, happiness, meaning, and personal fulfillment. Podcasts are bigger than downloads and dollars.

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