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Clay Groves and Fish Nerds


The most success way I increased my audience size would be going to live conferences where I have a table set up with my logo and swag for sale.  The real trick to grow the audience there is you give away your swag for free but you have people show up , they take their iPhone out or their Android device out.  In order to get the free stickers or  they have to show you, on their device, that they’ve subscribed to your podcast.  I need to visually see this because if someone tells you to your face – yeah I’ll subscribe later – they won’t.  (Sidebar: if you are talking to a podcaster and you want to give them a compliment, take your phone out and subscribed in front of them because it’s the biggest compliment you can give.) My audience grew with this and I went from my niche of the outdoor podcast category on apple podcasts,  I went from number two hundred to number one in one day.

Clay Groves is obsessed with fish and best known for a quest (with former host Dave Kellam) in 2011 to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire. After catching and eating 48 species of fish and ending the epic quest, he could not stop talking about the adventures or the fishy people met along the way. Thus, the podcast was born.  The style has been described as a cross between NPR’s Car Talk and the Tonight Show Night (Fallon, not Leno). The podcast is just about to have it’s fifth birthday with the recording of the 200th episode scheduled for memorial day. The Fish Nerds have been featured on National Public Radio, Boston Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Radio and nearly every news outlet in New Hampshire. In addition Clay is a nationally recognized speaker who has spoken at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, on stage at WGBH Boston and at the Boston Symphony. When Clay is not podcasting he writes grants to fund afterschool programming and runs a Fishing Guide Service.




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