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Changing Your Phone Habit

The Obsession with Social Media Likes and Shares and Changing the Negative Phone Habit.

I found that it was time to change my phone habits.  I could lose count of all the times I checked Facebook or Twitter in a day.  It was too often, and I did not like my behavior.

What was the point of all of this checking?  Actually, I felt really ridiculous, and I could not locate the meaning behind my repetitious behavior.   I set out to change my habit.

Not very easy!  I realized that it was not going to happen over night.

So, I started taking the long road.  Let me share with you some thoughts and some of the things you should consider that might help you change your own habit.  I will also tell you about a little tool that might help.  It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

Enjoy the show!

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Alexander Laurin

Alexander Laurin, aka The Podcaster’s Coach, became a Professional Certified Life Coach in 2014. He is currently hosting and producing his fourth podcast series titled “The Podcaster’s Life”. He focuses his podcast, and coaching practice, on the lives of fellow Podcasters. He is the first Professional Certified Life Coach, with a membership to the International Coaches Federation, to work exclusively with Podcasters. Alexander is a proponent of the effectiveness of podcasting as a tool for happiness and living a life full of purpose.

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