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EP53 – Minimum, Target, & Outrageous – Interview w/ Raymond Aaron (Part 2)

Listen to “Minimum, Target, & Outrageous – Interview w/ Raymond Aaron (Part 2)” on Spreaker. Part 2 of the Raymond Aaron interview focuses on goal setting and achievement.  Raymond

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EP52 – Live Longer & Get New Friends – Interview w/ Raymond Aaron (Part 1)

Listen to “How to Live Longer – Interview w/ Raymond Aaron (Part 1)” on Spreaker. Raymond Aaron, is the bestselling Author of , ‘Chicken Soup For The Parent’s Soul’

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EP45 – Transformation Meditation – Interview w/ Shree (Part 2)

Listen to “Transformation Meditation – Interview w/ Shree (Part 2)” on Spreaker. Shree touches on the foundation of Transformation Meditation and also guides us on a short meditation.

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EP44 – Cultivating Peace – Interview w/ Shree (Part 1)

Listen to “Cultivating Peace – Interview w/ Shree (Part 1)” on Spreaker. Shree (aka, Sherrie Wade) joins me to talk about meditation and more specifically, Transformation Meditation.

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EP39 – Being An Entrepreneur (Interview w/ Sam Crowley, Part 2)

The second part of our interview with Sam Crowley is focused on what an Entrepreneur can do that will help create a successful business.  Sam shares his wisdom and offers some great advice to those just

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EP38 – Entrepreneurial Mindset (Interview w/ Sam Crowley, Part 1)

Listen to “Entrepreneurial Mindset (Interview w/ Sam Crowley, Part 1)” on Spreaker. Sam Crowley, host of Every Day is Saturday and renowned Motivational Speaker, joins Alexander to discuss

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EP37 – Starting A Spiritual Life (Interview w/ Lama Marut, Part 2)

Listen to “Starting A Spiritual Life (Interview w/ Lama Marut, Part 2)” on Spreaker. Part two of the Lama Marut interview with Alexander.  This section is about finding and creating a

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EP36 – Depression (Interview w/ Lama Marut, Part 1)

Listen to “Depression (Interview w/ Lama Marut, Part 1)” on Spreaker. Spiritual Teacher, Lama Marut, joins Alexander to discusses the subject of depression. He offers one very effective

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