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Creating Authority

Creating Authority This episode gives an update on my journey about creating authority and writing a book.   Listen to “Work Utopia & The Book On Podcasting” on Spreaker. I changed

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EP3 – My Podcasting Errors

Listen to “My Podcast Mistakes” on Spreaker. My Podcasting Errors There have been many podcasting errors that I have made.  This full episode mentions a couple: microphone and hosting. When

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Goodbye For Now

Listen to “Goodbye For Now” on Spreaker.   Thank you for listening.  Please follow me on my podcast, “The Podcaster’s Life”. About The Podcaster’s Coach &nbs...

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Starting Your Podcast

Listen to “Start Your Podcast” on Spreaker. Starting Your Podcast Fear or excuses or other kinds of reasons like to hold us back, but if making a podcast is something that you really want,

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EP83 – Talk Less at Work

Listen to “Talking Too Much at Work” on Spreaker.   Talk Less at Work. Talk less at work.  Let your clients and customers do all of the talking. Do you even have the extra time to spare? I

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EP82 – How to Start a Spiritual Life

Listen to “How To Get Spiritual Today” on Spreaker.   Start a Spiritual Life I had this wonderful opportunity to interview Lama Marut. In episode 37, I asked him what one can do to get

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About The Podcaster’s Coach

Alexander Laurin – The Podcaster’s Coach. I, Alexander Laurin, am a Canadian who lives outside the city of Toronto. I am a Coach, a Consultant, and a Small Business Owner since 2005 and a lover

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EP81 – Being Yourself

Listen to “When You Are Unlike the Others” on Spreaker. Being Yourself Being yourself and true to yourself is paramount.  Perhaps there was a time where you felt inadequacy when you compared

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EP80 – Today and the Present Moment

Listen to “Today and the Present Moment” on Spreaker. The Time is Now The time is now, even though  I had a really great day yesterday. I seem to have been able to solve some problems, I

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EP79 – Changes for Optimal Business & Work Conditions

Listen to “Changes for Optimal Business & Work Conditions” on Spreaker. Changes for Optimal Business & Work Conditions Changes for Optimal Business & Work Conditions. Tip for the

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