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Featured Podcast Producer: Mark Deal

Mark Deal Mark Deal is a proud producer of legal sodcasts. He has a couple of shows already out and is working on a few more. Mark maybe best known to this audience as the organizer of the rapidly growing

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John Ashton & Those Weekend Golf Guys

John Ashton In conversation, John talks about Those Weekend Golf Guys and compares it to the other golf shows. He discusses the demise of radio, getting caught up, learning technology, and the learning

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Anna Jaworski & the Heart to Heart Podcast

Anna Jaworski Anna Jaworski discusses being the voice of the congenital heart defect community, producing other shows, her Podcast Movement experience, Toast Masters, proving hope, encouragement, and being

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Featured Podcast Producer: Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart – Podcast Producer Steve Stewart found himself editing podcasts for a living. He primarily serves the financial blogging genre but works with doctors, realtors, and even a start-up

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Rob O’Donohue & The 1% Better Podcast

Rob O’Donohue & The 1% Better Podcast I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Rob O’Donohue, aka Rob of the Green, from the 1% Better Podcast. He’s from a town called Longford

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The Spiritual Homegirl

Spiritual Homegirl Maria, the Spiritual Homegirl, is from Atlanta, Georgia. She believes that being “spiritual” is about bettering ourselves, and learning from our experiences to better the

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Austin Rumbaugh & Origins Life

Austin Rumbaugh & Origins Life The Origins Life Podcast seeks to discover the Origin Life moments of everyday people.  Questions like, “Who am I? What is my purpose? and Why am I here?”

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Martin Landeskog & the EGO Netcast

Martin Lindeskog From Ontario to Gothenburg, Alexander has the privilege to speak with Martin Landeskog, an early adapter of Podcasting and social media. Enjoy today’s featured Podcater. Joined Twitter

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Michael Woodward and jumbleTHINK

Michael Woodward Michael Woodward, Owner of the Woodward Design Group, and host of the jumbleTHINK podcast, joins the show to talk about what he has learned about podcasting. He talks about faith, spirituality,

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