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Break On Through and Grow!

I would like to share some of my personal success with you. The book is published and it’s on Amazon. It’s called the Book on Podcasting, an Insider’s Guide to Recording Success. It’ a pretty big achievement for me, as I have been wanting to do something like this since I was very young. If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would have written a book on podcasting, I would have told you that you were crazy. I’m not sure what I would have written 5 years ago. Something on Buddhism?

The book is a big achievement for me. A copy is nect to me, and it’s nice. I see it on Amazon, and it’s nice. But it doesn’t compare to the feelings that I had actually writing it. Writing it – felt great. It was having a a sense of accomplishment in action. It was the process that I enjoyed the most. Maybe that will change if I start getting feedback on the book. If it helps anyone, I anticipate that this will make me feel really good inside.

When you want to strecth yourself and grow, it seems to get uncomfortable. They call it breaking out of the comfort zone, right? I can visualize a mental imagine in my mind. You have a person on the left. In the middle, you’ve got static, electricity, a whirlwind, and then on the right, the same person filled up and glowing with personal growth and development. It’s going to be painful when you break through the comfort zone. Notice that I didn’t say, ‘when you try to break through’? I prefer WHEN YOU BREAK THROUGH. It’ll be challenging, but after you break on through the discomfort, you are a higher, more achievement, further enlightened version of your old self.

For me, the discomfort was after my first draft of the book was written. When it was just me, coffee, my laptop and keyboard, no problem. Afterwards comes edits, formats, book covers, media kits, press releases….ultimately working with a lot of different people. When I have total control, I am fine, but when others are involved, and there is not a high level of synchronicity, it gets a little discouraging. I think I made some wrong choices, but I had to make choices. I could not over-think it, I had to move through this discomfort and become published.

The discomfort was learning, dealing with others, managing them, and managing my expectations. When it was finally submitted, the discomfort was mostly gone. I can now call myself a Published Author, I have a product, and I suddenly have this amazing opportunity to help a lot of people….anywhere in the world. That’s pretty cool.

I think that the key for any individual to successfully grow and develop is to understand the pain, understand the discomfort, realize that you are within the zone. The really important thing is to have a strategy to deal with the discomfort. I had two things in my mind when things became very difficult.

  1. I paid for a program that would help guide me along my book writing way. In retrospect, despite not getting the value that I thought I was getting, it was a way to hold myself accountable. I did spend money on accountability and that helped a lot.
  2. I did it to help others, but to also help myself. The book is a great way to market myself and to build awareness of who I am. I never lost sight of those things when times were tough and I when I was getting really fed out.

What I tell my clients, is that the best strategy to deal with the discomfort when breaking through the comfort zone, is to make a plan. First identify the obstacles that will get in your way of you achieving the thing that you want to achieve. Then make a plan and be prepared to know exactly how you are going to handle the challenges when they come up.

We should all get uncomfortable with the way we live and strive for something challenging, fun, exciting, and keep growing. This seems to be an excellent strategy for aging. The people who stop challenging themselves, do very little with their lives. Doesn’t it sound depressing to have nothing to strive for? What does that look like? A life of watching television? Reading the newspaper? The 6pm and 11pm news?

Let me tell you, you have an enormous amount of potential. People are often thrust-ed into horrible situations, like having to take a leave of absence from work and care for a dying loved one at home…..but they persevere. They take it on and they do it. Even a situation like that comes with a reward in the future.

Take on a challenge. A realistic one. If you see someone like yourself doing something great, then why not you? Think about what is going to get in your way. Make a plan for any obstacles. If you don’t know the obstacles, ask someone else with the experience to give you a heads up. Get really uncomfortable and break on threw to the other side. You will be glad that you did!