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Forget About a Blog on Your Résumé – Add a Podcast Instead
Forget About a Blog on Your Résumé – Add a Podcast Instead Back in the day, I constantly heard the[...]
Purpose, Riding Waves, and Time Regarding Your Podcast
Purpose, Riding Waves, and Time Regarding Your Podcast What is your purpose?  How are you riding the waves?  What is[...]
Create Your First Podcast
Create Your First Podcast Podcasting is a new important part of your content marketing strategy. Creating and publishing your podcast[...]
Break On Through and Grow!
I would like to share some of my personal success with you. The book is published and it’s on Amazon.[...]
Apply Your Podcast Launch to Other Things
Use Your Podcast Launch Experience and Apply it to Every New Thing You Do I discovered that I can use[...]
Podcaster’s Wheel of Life
Podcaster's Wheel of Life If you are out of balance, but you don’t why, you can take a look at[...]
Non-Virtues of the Mind
Wrong View, Greed, and Ill-Will: Non-Virtues of the Mind   I have covered the non-virtues of the body - stealing,[...]
The Non-Virtues of Body
Non-Virtues of the Body I was talking about having some rules the other day on my podcast.  I said to[...]
At Work the Non-Virtue of Speech
The Non Virtue of Speech In this second part series, I talk about the non virtue of speech.  Here I[...]
The Rules We Follow?
The Rules We Follow Does it Matter if we Follow Them?   We all seem to have a plethora of[...]
Learning Something New
Learning Something New If you are start learning something new. Stick with it. If you have a job, and you[...]
Wanting Something More
Wanting Something More is not always the Best Idea   I feel like I burdened myself when I was wanting[...]
Spices of Spiritual Traditions
When I started a spiritual life, I was super re-charged. This led to the creation of an abundance of happiness. I kept[...]
An Alternative to Acting Negatively Toward Other People
I had a pretty bad experience the other day, most of which, I created for myself. I received a parking ticket[...]