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Tom Dwyer & The Big Daddy Roadshow

Tom Dwyer – (AKA Big Daddy) Professional Photographer retired, Podcaster and Facebook Live improv and Talk show personality. Big daddy Tom Dwyer

Tom’s Podcasts:
Real Talk with BD (More serious conversations – PG)
The Dead Zone with 5K and BD (Rated PG13) –
FridaynightFree4all, FacebookLives
The SundaynightChill – FacebookLives 10pm
Sexfessions (Rated X) Not for kids

The Big Daddy Road Show talk show Podcast is an adult comedy oriented talk show that takes listeners anywhere and everywhere, The show is crazy out there at times people! Brace yourselves! Helmets on! Goggles on kiddies – Tonight we ride! (inside jokes) The Road Show comedy podcast with Host (Character) Big Daddy, is simple minded, and not so simple minded with off the hip podcasts with a flair for a P.T. Barnum, vibe, jibber jabber carnival barker type rock n roll chat. Covering major reality and even “real adult talk” too. Yes folks – it’s a comedy podcast show first and foremost… The BDRS comedy talk show podcast gets serious at times. This podcast preaches love first – always… unless people are a*****es. When People are a*****es – We simply keep it real and drop the hammer old school style. This podcast show gets political, talks religion, takes on corruptions, and will most likely not ever be politically correct. We are all human beings on this planet, we just need to weed out the bums. The Big Daddy Road show has many known American and International celeb rock stars and such visit the show from time to time as well as open lines via Skype, land lines and cell phones. Big Daddy is a CHARACTER made up over the years by, Tom Dwyer. Regular co-host shows and one on one interviews happen on a regular basis, usually once or twice a week.



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  • Tom says:

    This was great fun! Thanks for having BD on your show – It sounds great!

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