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EP59 – Better Method

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The better method is taking action with the pace of time…

instead of overloading yourself with information.


The better method came to me when I found that I made a big error when I started to focus on wanting more.  More is not necessary bad, but when you consume too much of it, you will get ill.  Know when to stop and focus on being better instead. The method for this is really simple.

First, just take action and do what you want to do.   Go for it, get into a distraction free zone, set your timer, then go.   Second, don’t overbear yourself with information?  Remember when you crammed for a school test?  Same thing.  You felt terrible back then,  but you’ll feel even worse now because you are older and less flexible (I guess it really does depend on your age).

When can only learn so quickly.  I know in my case, I really wanted a lot of knowledge,  and I wanted it fast. Get it, then move on to the next topic that I am interested in.   However, I found out that I wasn’t realistic in my learning, and it had a very negative effect on me.  In my body, and then my mind.  This became a huge conflict.  If you are learning to enhance your happiness, but your learning is turning into misery, then there is no point to it.

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EP60 – Learning to Enrich Life