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Josh Naaman & The Belief Books Podcast

The Belief Books

Josh Naaman is the author of The Belief Books, and host of the belief books podcast. He talks to people about what they believe and why – documenting and sharing these conversations as podcasts, videos and books.

Josh has published one podcast episode and talks about the feelings from finally publishing after a lengthy pre-production.

He talks about the work that will be fulfilling and how hos podcast can play a part in it.

Josh gives an over-view of his entire project – creating podcasts, making videos, and writing books. Also the formation of the Belief Books podcast and completing his Master’s Degree

He also talks about finding his guests and getting a signed released from them.

Bio: Josh Naaman is a designer, drummer, educator and author of The Belief Books podcast, video and book series. During the past 10 years as a professional graphic designer, he has worked for multiple marketing agencies, startup companies and has volunteered for multiple non-profit organizations. A personal decision led him to using his skills to design and create for good and for a purpose, so Josh now devotes all of his time to teaching at The Art Institute and working on The Belief Books. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and dog. And his first album as a drummer will be releasing at the start of 2018 with his band, The Band Alexander.

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