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EP81 – Being Yourself

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Being Yourself

Being yourself and true to yourself is paramount.  Perhaps there was a time where you felt inadequacy when you compared yourself to others. Not anymore!

How are you different? How do you feel that you have been different? Have others told you that you are different? Have you embraced those differences between yourself and other people?

I use to focus on those differences – those things that I perceived that were different about me from other people in my world, but not in the best way. For a long time, I made myself feel badly about it, until I finally woke up and discovered the beauty of being different than others.

Can we call your differences, your strengths? Think about this today – what has set you apart from the others, what has set you apart from the pack?

Did you start a business? Did you become a Consultant? Did someone at the work place eat your dust? Did your differences have anything to do with it?

I remember having this focus on the dream of quitting my jobs and becoming self sufficient. I knew I wanted it for so long, and I was surrounded by people who never talked about it nor gave any indication of inclination. The thoughts started somewhere, I never let go of it, and when I could see it closer, in my distance, then I started to take some actions – plotting, thinking, planning. The last place I worked, I knew I was different than everybody else, and on my last day, it was even obvious to them – those people still stuck in their chairs.

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