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Anna JaworskiAnna Jaworski

Anna Jaworski discusses being the voice of the congenital heart defect community, producing other shows, her Podcast Movement experience, Toast Masters, proving hope, encouragement, and being a connector on this episode of Podcaster’s Life.

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BIO:  Anna Jaworski has been podcasting since November 12, 2013. She never thought this was something she would do but she was called by a producer who asked her if she ever thought of having her own “radio show.” She had been on radio but hadn’t thought of having her own program until she got that call. About a year ago she came to realize that what she did was actually a “podcast” and not a “radio show.” Going to Podcast Movement 2016 opened Anna’s eyes to a whole new community!

Anna never would have been brave enough to start podcasting if she hadn’t been in Toastmasters. Being part of that nonprofit organization gave her the courage to start a weekly podcast to fill a need she knew existed. As the mother of a child with a critical congenital heart defect, Anna knew there weren’t enough materials available to help families like hers. With over 150 original shows under her belt, Anna considers her program the Voice of the Congenital Heart Defect Community.

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Host of Heart to Heart with Anna
Owner of Baby Hearts Press, LLC
President of Hearts Unite the Globe: A Nonprofit Organization for the Congenital Heart Defect Community
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