Alexander Laurin, The Podcaster's Coach

Hello.  Thank you for checking me out!  I do have a lot share about myself. Since I am a Podcaster & Producer, I will post a few of the shows where I speak about my life's journey and the lessons from the past. Scroll below and enjoy!

alexander laurin
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    Born in Montreal, Quebec
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    Moved to Ontario just before high school.
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    Attended College in Toronto (Business Management).  Completed University courses online (Psychology).
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    Began a Recruitment Business in 2005 and specialized in Executive Sales Recruitment for 11 years.
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    Completed Certified Coaches Federation program in 2014.
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    Became a Certified Life Coach & Career Transition Coach in 2014.
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    Spent one year volunteering and working with the dying and those in palliative care.
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    Closed Staffing Business in 2016.
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    Began Podcasting in 2017.
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    Completed the Certified Coaches Alliance Program in August.
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    International Coaches Federation member currently pursuing Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential.
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    Father of Remy (11), Sophia (9), and Mani (5).  Resident of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

The Podcasters's Life is about podcasting, and the people behind them, in a growing digitized medium market. Creating a Podcast can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in life, but like everything else, it comes with it's challenges. Join the Podcaster's Coach, Alexander Laurin daily, as he discusses the lives surrounding the podcasts, and the people who create them.

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