Open New Doors, Gain Authority, and Succeed With Your Podcast.

About The Podcaster's Coach

Alexander Laurin is the world's first authentic Certified Podcaster's Coach and the author of 'The Book on Podcasting: An Insider's Guide to Recording Success.

Alexander Laurin is at the forefront of life transformation within the podcast world. He is the world’s first authentic Certified Podcaster’s Coach, and an International Coaching Federation Member. He delivers inspiration and life transformation strategies, and demonstrates the power of podcasting as a tool for success at speaking engagements across the globe.

In addition to coaching, he helps consultants and aspiring entrepreneurs implement successful marketing and authority-building strategies.  Alexander is the host of The Podcaster’s Happy Life, and is the founder of The Business Podcast Network. Outside one-on-one coaching and consulting, he is available for private or public speaking engagements.

The Podcaster’s Coach, Alexander Laurin, offers his years of experience to readers who want to learn how to create and grow a successful podcast. More than a how-to, The Book On Podcasting reveals Laurin’s experience of personal reinvention and living with purpose and fun through podcasting. Offering strategies for living well, embracing change, and fostering meaningful relationships, this book teaches a holistic method of honest, authentic podcasting.

Readers, both aspiring and experienced podcasters, will learn:

  • How podcasting can help you leave a long-lasting, digital legacy
  • The career, business, and networking doors podcasting can open for you
  • A new way of looking at podcast as art, with the host as an artist
  • The potential to re-invent yourself and change your life

Work with Alexander

Podcast Architect

If you are a Consultant, Coach, or Small Business Owner I can provide you with the mentor-ship to get your podcast started.   Simple and easy!

Podcaster's Mastermind

Our Mastermind discussions help each other keep up changes, and even try to get ahead of the curve. Plus, discussion is what builds relationships.

Success Coaching

As the world's first authentic Certified Podcaster's Coach, recognized by the ICF, I help Podcasters achieve their goals, dreams, and desires.

Speaking & Workshops

I present to audiences about the power of the podcast.  Podcasting is a tool to live meaningfully and create an effective content marketing strategy for businesses.