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7 Step Podcast Success Program

Step 1  

Dreaming Big

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    What is Your WHY?
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    Setting Goals & Taking Action.

Step 2

The Foundation

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    Making a Commitment to Your Podcast & Your Listeners
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    Receive 3 Critical Reviews of Your Current Podcast
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    Review and Analyze What You’ve Been Doing

Step 3 

Mastering Your Time

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    Manage and Control Your Schedule
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    Doing What Successful People Do

Step 4 

Monetization & Business Plan

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    Refining Your Plan
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    Personal Success Planning
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    Begin Your Media Kit & Audience Profile Tool

Step 5 

Focus & Improve

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    Better Content and Production
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    Improving the Story
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    Adjusting Your Voice
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Step 6

Organizing the Perfect Process

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    Tighten the Podcast Process to as Close to 100%
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    Delegation and Building a Team
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    Personal Organization

Step 7

Creating Opportunities

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    Building Alliances & Partnerships
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    Having Unstoppable Courage!

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